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Colorado Graduation Pathways

Interventions and Support

Outreach to Out-of-School Youth

Increasing efforts to reconnect youth who have dropped out by understanding the challenges faced by this population and increasing a body of effective practices aimed at reconnecting them to high-quality educational opportunities with pathways to post-secondary education and careers.

Out-of-School Youth Profile:

  • Majority are over-age and under-credited
  • Tier 2 and 3 youth

Various interventions that some Colorado Graduation Pathways schools are using to provide outreach to out-of-school youth include:

  • Multiple pathways to graduation: Creating options and flexibility that includes diverse educational programming as well as collaboration across multiple agencies and systems.
  • Specialized programming for high-risk youth: Assists with smooth transitions, integrate into communities and stabilize them in their education and social settings.
  • Positive adult relationships: Provide mentoring programs, building healthy rapport between adults and youth have a positive impact on a wide range of academic and social indicators.

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