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Frequently Asked Questions - Teacher Student Data Link

What is TSDL?

The Teacher Student Data Link provides a way to link teacher and student data. The link shows the instructional relationship between educators and the students that are in their classrooms.

Who is required to submit TSDL data?

All school districts, charter schools and BOCES will submit data to CDE annually beginning with the 2013-14 school year.

What information will be submitted in the TSDL data collection?

There are many elements that comprise a valid TSDL, below are three primary data elements that are central to the TSDL:

  • The teacher’s educator identification number (EDID)
  • The student’s state assigned student identifier number (SASID)
  • The course codes that the teacher instructs and the student attends.

Click here to see the full set of data elements that comprise the TSDL

How can an accurate TSDL support district improvement?

  • Provide differentiated support to teachers
  • Support teachers to personalize classroom instruction
  • Inform educator evaluation and staffing assignments
  • Identify and deploy district resources to meet demonstrated needs.

How can an accurate TSDL support state improvement?

  • Provide educator effectiveness data to preparation programs for program improvement
  • Research best practices that result in increased student outcomes
  • Deploy department resources to areas or regions with demonstrated needs

How will districts/BOCES/charter schools submit TSDL data for the 2013-14 school year?

The interchange in Data Pipeline opened in September 2013 and will remain open until August 2014. Data can be submitted at any time throughout the school year, however, it would be to the school district’s advantage to begin submitting the TSDL data to ensure that their TSDL data is valid throughout the year.

How do districts/BOCES report data on a student that has a teacher without an educator ID (EDID)? (Dual-enrollment, on-line classes, etc.)

A student who is enrolled in a course that does not have a teacher with an EDID will not be collected at this point. All records will be verified through the staff profile and if there is no EDID available the record will be flagged as an error.


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