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Teacher/Student Data Link - Development Approach

A project of this complexity requires a structured approach to development and project management. :


The Department will implement the Teacher Student Data Link as data collection.


Beginning September 2011 through November 2011, CDE will pilot the Teacher/Student Data Link data collection. The pilot will allow districts and CDE to fully understand the complexity of linking teacher and student data and to refine and correct it if needed prior to full implementation in Fall 2012.


Full Implementation

In Fall 2012 all districts will be required to map their local course codes to the state standard codes.


Data Elements for Collection

School CodeA unique number assigned to a school by CDE. Refer to Public School Building Code Table, Non-Public School Building Code Table, or Head Start Codes Table.
SASIDA unique ten digit number assigned to each student by CDE.
EDIDA unique eight digit number assigned to each educator by CDE.
Course (Purpose)The local course or activity purpose code that has been mapped in the Statewide Standard Course Code System.
Section (Activity)A unique identifier for the activity that the student and educator are linked. This would typically be the scheduled section that meets at a particular time in a particular class room. For example, 2nd period Math in room 401.
RoleThe role of the educator: E - Educator of Record or CP - Contributing Professional.
Weight (Proportion)Defaults to 1 which would indicated the educator is 100% responsible for that student for the year in a particular subject area. Units can vary based on the practices in the districts. The units could be minutes or Carnegie credits. The units must be used consistently with a district.
Start DateStarting date and time of the event. Defaults to the beginning of the school year.
End DateEnding date and time of the event. Defaults to the ending of the school year.
VerifiedAt this time, this is how roster verification is being handled. An indication that the educator has verified this relationship in their roster. Districts will indicate Y or N that this record has been verified with the educator.
Event-typeHow the record should be interpreted:
  • Summary-preliminary (P) - typically these are records at the beginning of the school year.
  • Summary-final (F) - these are records at the end of the year.
  • Discrete (D) - any events that occurred to a student's schedule that have an impact on educator relationships during the year.
  • Cancel/Delete - For example, if a student left the school the record would use this event-type.

Data Model


The CDE has put together both a simplified and detailed physical data model to support the Teacher/Student Data Link. To obtain a copy of either the simplified or detailed physical data model, contact Lisa Bradley.


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