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Data Pipeline Town Hall Webinar

Data Pipeline Town Halls are free webinars provided by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) on Data Pipeline topics.  Each week’s Town Hall will focus on updates to the Pipeline and current and upcoming collections. These webinars also provide a forum for districts, BOCES, and Administrative Units to have questions answered on Data Pipeline.

Agenda for Thursday, August  21, 2014, 9:00AM - 10:00AM:

  • Open Collections in Data Pipeline
  • Student October
  • Tagging Student Interchange Files
  • TSDL
  • Special Education Discipline
  • Special Education End of Year
  • New Notification System for ESSU

Refresher/new staff training

  • Loading Student Interchange
  • RITS - Reports

Next Town Hall will be on August 21st.

NOTE: All are welcome to the Town Hall Webinars on Data Pipeline. Town Halls will be held every Thursday from 9:00 AM -10AM. There is room for 600 participants on the webinar. Dial in number is 1-866-764-6750

Upcoming Student End of Year Webinars:

Tuesday, August 19th 8:30 - 9:30
Wednesday, August 20th 3:30 - 4:30


  • Reports and validating the data
  • How do I submit my snapshot?
  • What is cross LEA validation?
  • How does cross LEA validation work within data pipeline?
  • Why do I need the adjustment file?
  • How do I load the adjustment file?
  • Can I modify data in the snapshot?
  • Why do I need to recreate and submit my snapshot?
  • Open issues and questions

Dial in number is 1-866-764-6750


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