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Standard Course Codes - Development Approach

A project of this complexity requires a structured approach to development and project management. Our development approach features:

  • Well defined phases of approximately 4-6 months each over the 2+ year project duration
  • Dedicated Project Team with members from various units, agencies, and stakeholder groups


The Department implemented the SSCC modules and promotes the adoption and implementation to all stakeholders identified in the Project Charter.

To see a full list of data elements for the collection, click here.

Full Implementation
In Spring 2012 all districts mapped their local course codes to the state standard codes.


As the SSCC project progresses it will focus on interoperability by providing connectors to the following types of applications:

  • Department of Higher Education
  • Office of Information Technology's CUPID project
  • District information systems
  • Department of Human Services


  • Our community of stakeholder interest, contributions to enhancements and maintenance will ensure sustained development.
  • The technology and architecture of the SSCC system will evolve to keep up with new standards, tool releases and trends.

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