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Safety and Discipline Indicators

The Safety and Discipline Indicators collection contains school level information for (1) the students disciplined based on the type of incident (behavior of the student) and the demographics of the student, (2) the students that brought or possessed a firearm and the action taken for those incidents and (3) the attendance information for each school.   The data from the Safety and Discipline collection is used to populate attendance and discipline information in the School View application.

2014-2015 Safety and Discipline Indicators collection timeline will mimic the 2013-2014 timeline with a deadline at the beginning of July.

File Layout and Definitions:
2014-15 Safety and Discipline Indicators File Layout and Definitions (PDF)

Business Rules:
Business rules are currently being developed and will be posted as soon as possible.

Additional Resources:
Link to ADE SDI 2013-14 collection (web link)

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