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FAQ - Mapping Process

General Questions

What if I can't find a match between a District course code and a statewide course code?

Please find the best match with the existing SCED codes. We realize that all courses do not map perfectly and in special cases you may have to make a difficult decision. Please make the best choice with the available options. People at the District level will know the course content better than CDE. If there is course that has nothing similar in the codes, please use the contact us link to send it to CDE. The course will reviewed at the monthly course code meeting. Please be aware that CDE is very hesitant to add courses as this will defeat the purpose of using a Nationally recognized system.

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How will fidelity be assured (how will one district know that their Algebra 1 is being taught at the same level as other districts?)

Districts are asked to map to the course descriptions. If a course deviates from the content description, the district is encouraged to request assistance for a possible new course code. Subject matter experts at the department will assist with mapping issues.

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Scheduling of high school students begins in March, this may present extra work for districts to number courses after students have already been assigned.

A district may keep its assigned course codes. CDE is not asking districts to adopt the statewide course code structure, just map to it. The process of mapping district codes to the statewide standard course codes ensures that an Algebra 1 course in district A with course code of 0123 is equivalent to the Algebra 1 course in district B with a course code of 6789.

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Are we going to be required to provide historical information? (i.e. Courses offered in the Past)

    • No, it is not in the scope of the project to load and map courses offered in the past.
    • Are we going to map all courses or only courses that are assessed?
    • The scope of the project is to all courses mapped, not just assessed classes.
    • Will districts be required to change their local course curriculums?
    • No, there is no requirement for districts to change their local course curriculums. The scope of this project is only to mapping local courses to Statewide Standard Course Codes.

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What is the Process to request a new SCED Code?

Please contact Annette Severson (, 303-866-6824) for the current forms and procedure.

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