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Full-Day Kindergarten Resources

Full-Day Kindergarten

Kindergarten should serve as a supported transition between home, early learning and care, or preschool environments. In Colorado, districts are required to provide kindergarten for children one year prior to the year in which children would be eligible for admission to the first grade (C.S.22-32-119.) Although not required, full-day kindergarten appears to produce greater learning gains than in its half-day counterpart. Bruce Atchison, from Education Commission of the States, states that children in full-day kindergarten gain 12.8 percent more than children in half-day programs on reading assessments, and 10.3 percent more on math assessments between fall and spring.  Gains are even greater when full-day kindergarten is provided using quality standards such as smaller class size and the presence of a teacher’s aide (Atchison, 2016).



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