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Family Involvement and Support in CPP

Family Involvement

In a quality early childhood program, parents and providers learn how to be partners in a child’s education. CPP requires programs to have a written plan for parent involvement.

  • In addition, parents are asked to enter into an agreement with the program that specifies what this involvement looks like (22-28-110 C.R.S.) .
  • Programs that are able to engage parents in their child’s education can strengthen parents’ ability to support their children and reinforce the learning that occurs in the classroom.
  • Early childhood programs can break down barriers with families, such as lack of trust in schools and fear of failure, to set a pattern of parent involvement that can be followed through a child’s school career.

Coordinator and District Resources:

Family Support Services

CPP requires programs to provide information and/or access to family support services.

These support services can include:

  • special education services
  • information on nutrition
  • immunizations
  • health care
  • dental care
  • social services
  • mental health services
  • recreation opportunities
  • parenting education and support

Districts do not have to provide all these services, but instead should help families access the services within the community. District advisory councils should consider how they might partner with other early care and education programs to extend services beyond a half-day, nine-month program.

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