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Facts about the Colorado Preschool Program

Colorado Preschool Program Information
CPP 2013 Fact Sheet (PDF)
Colorado Preschool Program By-the-Numbers
Legislative Reports
Slot Allocations
Program Requirements and Standards
Early Childhood At-Risk Enhancement (ECARE)

Getting Started in the Colorado Preschool Program: A Guide for Early Care and Education Programs Interested in Becoming Community Partners

Data Visualizations
A Story of Preschool Services in Colorado

Additional Resources

CPP Acronym Glossary
We in the education community can get easily overwhelmed by acronyms. Click on this glossary link for a list of as many acronyms as we could collect.

Full Day Kindergarten Resources - CPP once included full day kindergarten as part of the program. With the ECARE expansion of 2013, there are limited slots available to fund a full-day prorgram.

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