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Community-Specific CPP Eligibility Criteria

In August 2019, CDE disseminated a memorandum to school districts that reported utilization of community-specific expanded eligibility criteria in their Colorado Preschool Program (CPP) 2019 Annual Report. The memorandum outlined a new procedure effective for the 2020-21 school year that requires any school district that intends to utilize expanded eligibility criteria to submit specific information in this application process. Review the August 2019 CDE memo for additional background.

The CPP Act allows local educational agencies participating in the CPP to expand the list of legislated family risk factors specific to the population of the individual community in order to meet the unique needs of the community (C.R.S. 22-28-105) when the unique community criteria is linked to school failure through current research. CDE approval of community-specific criteria expands what is currently defined in the CPP Act and is allowable for use as a primary factor in eligibility determination.

Submission Procedures

Expanded factors submitted and approved will be allowed for use in that school district only. The approval will be valid for 3 years before resubmission. Criteria approved under this process will expand the list of primary eligibility criteria that may be used by the school district. After three years’ time, a new approval will be required, including research to substantiate the criteria’s link to school failure that is not more than ten years old.

The application must be completed for each criterion; districts requesting approval for multiple criteria must submit each criterion in a separate application template. Incomplete applications will not be approved. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis. Submit completed applications to

Review and Approval Timeline and Procedures

The evaluation rubric included with the Guide for Submission (Appendix A) will be used by CDE to review every submission for each criterion submitted. CDE will conduct the review along with a panel of subject matter experts to advise Program staff related to the technical adequacy of the research provided to justify the requests. Results of each review that include any “Does Not Meet” or “Partially Meets” for any requirement will not be approved. As the timeline for submission is rolling, districts will be notified of approval or denial of their requests for use of community-specific eligibility criteria on or before 30 business days after the date that CDE receives the submission. If your district needs support completing this application please contact your Regional Preschool Specialist.


Application Overview

How to Use the Linking Template

Determining Quality Research