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Funding and the October Count - Recordkeeping

What CPP Records Must Be Kept for the Early Childhood Count

A school district will need to have the following information available in their administrative office for CDE auditors to review:

  • Attendance records for all students.
    • If the pupil is absent on the count day, additional attendance records are required to establish attendance prior to the official count date in the current school year and after the count date.
    • The pupil must resume attendance within 30 calendar days of Oct. 1 in order to be counted.
  • Records must also verify each student is scheduled for at least 90 hours of pupil-teacher contact in the semester of the official count day.
  • Districts that contract with Head Start or a community early childhood program must provide evidence of a purchase agreement between the district and the outside agency.

At a minimum, school districts should retain these records for five years or until they have been audited by the CDE Audit Unit.

More Information

If you have any questions about the October or November count please contact Tanna George at 303-866-6803 or 

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