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Funding and the October Count - Duplicate Counts

Duplicate Counts

Duplicate counts were identified within the October count when CDE began assigning SASIDs (State Assigned Student ID Numbers) to students included in the October count.

A number of these duplications occurred in preschool, oftentimes for two reasons:

  1. School districts using early childhood alternative count dates.
    • Early childhood alternate count dates of November 2 are available to all school districts.
    • School districts who use an alternative count date should not assume that children enrolling in preschool have not already been enrolled in another school district.
  2. Parents enrolling children concurrently in two different school districts.
    • Example 1: A child was attending A.M. preschool in one district and P.M. preschool in another district.
    • Example 2: A child attends A.M. preschool in one district and an online charter school for P.M. preschool or kindergarten.

A district that counts a child on October 1 will have priority over a district that includes a child in a later alternative count.

  • School districts should also be careful when enrolling children living outside their school district.
  • When a duplicate count is identified, the child’s district of residence will have first priority for including the child in their October count for funding

To help reduce duplicate counts, districts may want to indicate in their preschool enrollment information the following statement:

“If families enroll a child in preschool at the same time, in two different school districts or online programs, then those families may be responsible for paying tuition to one of those districts.”

More Information

If you have any questions about the October or November count please contact Tanna George: 303-866-6803 or 

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