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Funding and the October Count - Full-day Preschool Flexibility

Serving One Child with Two “Slots” to Fund a Full-day of Preschool

The Legislature allows school districts to apply to CDE for authorization to serve a single child in preschool using two “slots” to fund a full-day program.

  • Statute specifies that only 5% of the children that CPP is authorized to serve in preschool may be funded in this way.
  • If a school district determines that a child has a significant need for full-day services and there is no other funding available (Child Care Assistance Program, tuition, private grants or scholarships, etc.), that district may apply to CDE for the flexibility to serve a child/children in a full-day program.
  • Each child that is approved to be served in a full-day preschool program will use 2 CPP preschool “slots” out of the school district’s total preschool allocation.

Under no circumstances will a school district be allowed to exceed their preschool allocation, and CDE will not authorize more than 1,008 preschool children or 5% of the total slots to be served using double slots.


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