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Child Eligibility

Legislated Eligibility Criteria

The number of children who can be served in the Colorado Preschool Program is capped at a level set by the State Legislature. It is the responsibility of the local district advisory council to establish a clear policy for the determination of child eligibility.

Because CPP is capped, it is important to have a well-planned process to ensure that the program serves children with the highest need.

Section 22-28-106 of the Colorado Revised Statutes defines the eligibility criteria for children who may be served in CPP. These guidelines include:

If a child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and qualifies for state Per Pupil Revenue (PPR) funding from special education, that child may be funded for an additional half day of programming if they meet the eligibility criteria of CPP. For example, if a child has been found eligible under CPP and has been receiving a full day of preschool general education programming and later in the year is determined to have a disability under IDEA, that child may continue to receive a full day of preschool programming. 

Please see the CPP Handbook for more details.

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