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Colorado Preschool Program Annual Report and Reapplication

Colorado Preschool Program (CPP) Annual Report and Reapplication 

The CPP Annual Report and Reapplication is issued by the Office of Early Learning and School Readiness at the Colorado Department of Education. Funding for the Colorado Preschool Program is generated through the School Finance Act as approved by the Colorado General Assembly.

Please Note: The Colorado Preschool Program is not a grant-funded program. Funding comes to the school district as general fund money based on the October 1 or early childhood November 1 alternate student count. Funds for any CPP slots are subject to amendments to the school finance bill. If there are any changes to CPP allocations, we will notify you as soon as possible. All districts that wish to continue to participate in CPP must complete the annual report.

Scan and email the signed Signature and Assurances page, and completed Report to

Due: May 18, 2018

Annual Report Webinar 

The annual report webinar provides CPP coordinators with information about the 2018 CPP Annual Report as well as a technical assistance opportunity in the form of a page-by-page walkthrough of the 2018 CPP Annual Report

Annual Report Rubric

The annual report rubric, combined with the annual report guidance, is used to review submissions. Feedback from the review team on your submitted report will be shared with the CPP coordinator along with the superintendent and the district council chair, since they sign the assurances promises for the report, too.

View the 2018 report rubric

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