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CPP Family Support and Involvement Ideas

My child has developed his skills with writing and problem solving. We have changed as a family because we now do more “learning” things together – all of us.                                                            Parent, Thompson School District

In a quality early childhood program, parents and providers learn how to be partners in a child’s education. Programs that are able to engage parents in their children’s education can strengthen parents’ abilities to support their children and reinforce the learning that occurs in the classroom. Early childhood programs can break down barriers between schools and families to set a pattern of parent involvement that can be followed throughout a child’s school career. Ideas presented on this page include those for recruitment, engagement, and involvement, as well as family support. For more information on statutory requirements around district councils, you may access the pages on comprehensive plans and child eligibility in our CPP Online Handbook.


Cañon City/Fremont Re-2

ECHO screens all applicants for CPP; Head Start; EHS; all young children in child protective services; and all children who may need special education services. By coming to ECHO Screening parents are assisted to find the early childhood program, which best fits their desires, their child's needs, and their eligibility. This integrated approach assures that children over 1000 of the 2200 children birth to school age receive comprehensive screening periodically. In this manner, ECHO identifies many children who are at risk or who need special education programs.

Parents know that ECHO Screening is "the place to come" to find preschool and other early childhood services for their child. ECHO Screening and Access Program also serves as the Child Find Program for Canon City and Florence RE-2 Schools.

CPP Contact: Pam Walker,


We polled parents to find out what they felt they could contribute to the Colorado Preschool Program and how they could be more involved. Interestingly, many of the comments were similar to those we received in past years.

They include volunteering in and out of class, donating supplies, working with their children at home, and supporting/extending what is being taught at school. We offer every family the opportunity to contribute/be involved in our program in these and other ways. These comments indicate to us that we are meeting the needs of families, and encouraging/supporting their involvement in their children's education

CPP Contact: Andrea Waltermire,


Wiggins RE 50 J

  • Home visits are conducted for every child enrolled in the preschool.
  • Families are asked to give the staff information about their child in areas of health, cultural preferences, children’s interests and needs, and any other concerns the family might have.

CPP Contact: Lisa Trautwein,

Mesa County Valley (Grand Junction)

At the beginning of each school year, parents help to develop a partnership in learning with the staff to develop goals and set expectations for the year. Ideas they generate often include the following:

  • Getting their child to and from school
  • Being ready for learning
  • Volunteering
  • Participation in planned outings with their child’s preschool

CPP Contact: Kim Self,


We understand that many family members can no longer volunteer during the day, so we attempt to provide opportunities outside of the school day, such as our bookbag program to encourage reading at home, evening family nights, and evening parent-teacher conferences.

CPP Contact: Aimee Chapman,


We have educational backpacks for checkout, and each building has a lending library for children to check out books of interest to share at home.

CPP Contact: Marcia Mangan,

Liberty J-4 (Joes)

We had the annual back to school BBQ, parent orientation, and Kindergarten Roundup, and raised funds for the Lending Library Program, Dads and Donuts Program, and the Moms and Muffins Program.

CPP Contact: Tammy Jackson,

Cañon City

Fatherhood Involvement Coordinators are employed by EHS at the Family Center and at Fremont County Head Start. Fathers plan and carry out monthly activities for dads and children only.

CPP Contact: Pamela Walker,

Lake County (Leadville)

All parents are given surveys in the spring, about the effectiveness of the CPP program for the year, and in the fall, about the effectiveness of transition processes into kindergarten.

CPP Contact: Emily Bordogna,

Family Support


All preschool classrooms have an equal percentage of children on IEP's. They are integrated into the classrooms with CPP, Even Start, and Tuition based children, without incident. Progress of all children is monitored closely through the Creative Curriculum Assessment. Child Find staff members are partners in helping children be successful, happy learners. Bimonthly RtI meetings are held with Child Find staff at the Delta Center.

CPP Contact: Angela Fedler,


The Mapleton Early Learning Center (MELC) has implemented the Incredible Years Dinosaur School training for parents for the past six years. This parent group is a 14-week training which provides parents with the skills they need to play, praise, interact, and appropriately discipline their children. Day care, dinner, materials, door prizes, and incentives are provided to the families that attend. In addition , each family who completes the training receives a yearly membership to the Denver Children's Museum.

CPP Contact: Jill Fuller,

Canon City

Because CPP, Special Education, and EHS Center based give parents a choice of 5 licensed centers and 2 preschools for these services, parents can combine funding from CPP or special education funds and EHS with CCCAP to achieve affordable full day/full year services for their children.

CPP Contact: Pamela Walker,


  • A number of classes are set up at the center around specific needs identified by families. Those classes include parenting skills, English as a Second Language, and tutoring for GED testing.
  • In addition, other classes have included discipline, personal budget counseling, home ownership, health services, and life transitions.

CPP Contact: Aimee Chapman,


  • We have school nurses that assist parents with immunization, dental care, nutrition information, insurance needs, and recommend evaluations for appropriate medical services as needed.

CPP Contact: Andrea Waltermire,

Durango 9R School District

We work closely with TriCounty Head Start/Early Childhood Programs as well as staff administering the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program to ensure that children and families can receive full-day, full-year services if that is indicated as a need.

CPP Contact: Lauri Kloepfer,

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