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CPP District Advisory Council Ideas

A school district is required by statute to establish a “district advisory council.” This district advisory council insures that decisions about the program are made locally and that major stakeholders have opportunity for input. - Colorado Preschool Program Handbook

The district advisory council plays a key role in not only managing and supporting the district’s implementation of CPP, but also in assisting communities with the development of systems and local policies that address the needs of young children and families. The council’s function should be tailored to meet the needs of each community. The following are examples from across the state of CPP district advisory council for council administration and support, community systems development, community outreach, and other ideas for council engagement. For more information on statutory requirements around district councils, you may access the pages on district council responsibilities and comprehensive plans in our CPP Online Handbook.

CPP Administration and Support

Lewis Palmer

Twice a year the CPP Council members along with elementary school principals evaluate and make suggestions for improvement by using an instrument called the Program Monitoring Tool. This evaluation takes place twice a year. The Monitoring Tool assesses quality interactions, a curriculum that promotes active learning, parent communication, level of staff training, indoor and outdoor environments, health and safety, and effective administration of the program.

CPP Contact: Julie Jadomski,

Garfield 16 (Parachute)

  • Our CPP District Council has functioned within a larger advisory/accountability group for the Center for Family Learning (CFL). Some council meetings address only topics specific to CPP.
  • As part of the larger group, members of the council have been on the school's accountability team looking at outcome data for the preschool program as well as participating in advisory groups concerned with broader projects related to preschool such as creating:
    • A hands-on science room in the school
    • Outdoor play spaces that allow children better access to nature
    • School based health center possibilities, and
    • The newly formed backpack program that lends learning tubs to families to use with their children in the home.

CPP Contact: Katie Walton,

Liberty J-4 (Joes)

  • Our council has been involved in rewriting policies for the District Council and in looking at the quality of the program and assessments.
  • The council helps to maintain the upkeep of the playground and a couple of times a year they come in to help sanitize and clean the room.

CPP Contact: Tammy Jackson,

Holyoke RE-1J

From the district council, we have set up a smaller council for reviewing student applications for CPP funds. Their knowledge of families in our communities has greatly assisted us in the process of selecting students who qualify for CPP funding and to best select the children with the greatest needs.

CPP Contact: Marcia Walter, Dragon’s Wagon,

Community Systems Development

Summit RE-1

  • Our local CPP Council is a 501(c)(3) governing board. The board is a community based early childhood council, charged with overseeing a variety of early childhood initiatives in Summit County.

Current CPP Contact: Kristin Radloff,

Garfield RE-2 (Rifle)

  • Representation of different community programs makes us more aware of what we can offer to families.
  • Another impact involves having so many agencies at the table, which allows us to distribute information to our community through presentations, brochures, health care providers, district preschools, Even Start, Head Start, Human Services, etc.
  • We provide an informal forum for much networking to occur before and after our meetings. These times are perfect for face-to-face contact to ensure interagency cooperation in meeting the needs of children ages birth to five.

CPP Contact: Cindy Gray
Current CPP Contact: Deb Ghan,


Community Outreach

Cripple Creek

The council also impacted our services for medical and dental care by supporting the school based health center which is now opened 3 days a week and bringing the Ronald McDonald Dental van to our community twice a year for dental preventive and follow up care with a dentist and hygienist.

CPP Contact: Patty Waddle,

Holyoke RE-1J

The CPP District Council has allowed us to work in partnerships with local businesses and agencies to provide resources for needy students. The funds have allowed us to begin building parent/student/teacher relationships at an earlier age.

CPP Contact: Marcia Walter, Dragon’s Wagon,

Eaton RE-2

The CPP District Council worked hard to maintain and continue the development and use of Creative Curriculum outreach to our targeted population by contacting local farmers and dairies.

CPP Contact: Debbi Campbell,

Other ideas to engage CPP district councils in supporting local programs:

  • Assist during local Child Find activities
  • Become active participants in district kindergarten transition activities
  • Assist with home visitation and welcoming new families
  • Assist with hiring preschool staff and identification of staff development needs
  • Assist with the development of family activities to encourage comfort within the school setting
  • Assist with the scheduling of parent-teacher conferences, and during the conference day with serving refreshments, giving building tours, escorting parents to classrooms, etc.
  • Develop a lending library of learning materials, books, and/or toys, home to school learning
  • Volunteer in the classroom environment or program office
  • Create and disseminate a parent satisfaction survey and make recommendations based on the results
  • Attend school board meetings to provide advisement and to update early childhood staff about district decisions

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