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CPP Annual Report and Intent to Continue

Every year, CPP-affiliated districts submit an annual report and their intent to continue for next year’s funds. This report is issued by the Colorado Department of Education Office of Early Learning & School Readiness. Funding for the Colorado Preschool Program is generated through the School Finance Act as approved by the Colorado General Assembly.

Please Note: The Colorado Preschool Program is not a grant-funded program. Funding will come to the school district as general fund money based on the October 1 or early childhood November 1 alternate student count.

All districts that wish to continue to participate in CPP must complete the application and annual report. Funds for any CPP slots are subject to amendments to the school finance bill.

If no changes are made to Colorado Preschool Program funding, the approved number of slots currently allocated to each district will remain the same. If there are any changes to CPP allocations, we will notify you as soon as possible.

For the 2014 report, we have some changes in reporting.

  • There is no longer an online section
  • A Word template will be sent out that combines the assurances page, all of the former online report, and the comprehensive plan. It is personalized by district, so let your regional consultant know if you need a copy of yours.
  • The only thing that will need to be mailed to our office will be the signed assurances page. This may also be submitted electronically.

Important Information:

CPP Coordinators and District Advisory Councils should review last year’s report and comprehensive plan and compile updated information. Let us know if you have questions.

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