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CPP Online Handbook: Request for Proposals (RFPs) to Community Providers

A major responsibility of the district advisory council is to develop a process that allows community early childhood programs to apply for the opportunity to deliver CPP services. Participation in the CPP has often served as a catalyst for bringing public and private programs together to offer parents more and better choices.

One step in this process is to develop and issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) to the community (4.09 CCR). Sample RFPs may be located on the next page, Developing an RFP Process.

School districts are required to send out RFPs at least once every two years to assess whether alternative community providers are available.


  • RFPs should be issued as early as possible to allow for a process that is accessible to existing programs. Current guidelines state that applicants should have at least 45 days from the date the RFP was released in order to prepare and submit a proposal.
  • The district advisory council reviews proposals and makes funding recommendations to the local school board. The school board then makes the final decision on who will provide CPP services (4.10 CCR).
  • The intention of the law is to establish a fair, competitive process in which decisions are made at the local level. The goal is to provide children and their families with the highest quality services available.

There are experienced quality early childhood programs already in existence, many using the Colorado Quality Standards. Many are also funded by programs like Head Start, Special Education, Title I, Child Care Assistance Program or other potential CPP partners. Use of the Quality Standards by community early childhood programs means that the quality of care and education improves for all children.

We have this resource for potential community partners: Getting Started in the Colorado Preschool Program: A Guide for Early Care and Education Programs Interested in Becoming Community Partners

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