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CPP Online Handbook: Program Requirements

Licensure through Colorado Department of Human Services

Programs must be licensed through the Division of Child Care, Colorado Department of Human Services.

  • Every classroom with children receiving CPP funding must have a valid license from the Division of Child Care at the Department of Human Services (22-28-108 (1) (a) C.R.S.).
  • This license indicates that minimum health and safety standards have been followed.
    • A license is required for any space where CPP services are delivered, including public school classrooms.
    • If a school moves a classroom with children funded by CPP to a different space or building, they must ensure that each new setting is also licensed.
  • Please be aware that CHDS licensing may allow more children in a classroom than permitted by CPP regulation.

    CDHS Contact Information:
    • (303) 866-5958 or 1-800-799-5876

Programs are also encouraged to pursue NAEYC accreditation, CLASS evaluations, and/or Qualistar ratings, which include ECERS evaluations.

The CPP rules and regulations encourage all programs receiving funds from the Colorado Preschool Program to become accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (6.03 C.C.R.).

We also strongly encourage participation in the Qualistar Rating System. More than 65 school districts have programs which serve children funded by CPP in a Qualistar rated site.

A comprehensive Qualistar rating uses the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS) in the rating process, but programs may choose to only seek an ECERS evaluation to measure quality. The ECERS-R is published through Teachers College Press ( and is available through a number of distributors.

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