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CPP Online Handbook: Creating Quality Community Partnerships

Districts may provide program services in three ways:
  1. The district may provide all services in school district operated preschools (e.g. usually existing elementary schools). Special education, CPP, Title 1 funds, private tuition, etc., can be used in coordination to operate these schools.
  2. The district may contract out its entire program to community providers (e.g., Head Start or private child care facilities) with proper support and monitoring.
  3. The district may use a combination of district and community providers.
CPP legislation:
  • is clear that there is significant value in using existing and established Head Start and community early childhood programs, where available, when deciding where to serve CPP children.
  • gives communities the freedom to decide locally who is best qualified to deliver CPP services.
  • is clear that decisions are to be based on a program’s ability to provide quality services.
  • requires councils to develop a process that allows community early childhood programs to apply for the opportunity to deliver CPP services.

It is important that a provider be committed to using the Colorado Quality Standards for Early Childhood Care and Education Services document as a program guide for on-going quality improvement.

Getting Started in the Colorado Preschool Program: A Guide for Early Care and Education Programs Interested in Becoming Community Partners

As a district advisory council designs a process for choosing and working with contracted providers:
  • It is important to utilize the experience and expertise of existing early childhood programs in the community to the maximum extent possible. Involvement in CPP can be viewed as a way to enhance the quality of services for all children by expanding the use of Colorado Quality Standards.
  • Every effort should be made to make current providers aware of CPP and the possibility of their participation. Current licensed providers often have achieved professional accreditation, indicating that they have put a great deal of time and effort into developing high quality services.
  • Each district that contracts with community providers for program services is responsible for negotiating the rates that it will pay to the providers. The Department is not involved in selecting providers, setting rates, or paying the providers, and the Colorado Preschool Act does not address payments to community providers.
  • If services are contracted out, it is the responsibility of the district advisory council and school board to ensure that money provided for the Colorado Preschool Program be used for services connected to CPP.
  • In addition to the contracted rate paid monthly to providers, many districts also provide funding to providers for the following direct program services:
    • Child Identification/Assessment or developmental screenings
    • Home Language/Literacy materials
    • Professional Development opportunities/Conference registrations/In-service training
    • Parent liaison/family support services/service coordination for children and families
    • Monthly newsletter to families to extend learning activities and parenting ideas into the home
    • Classroom equipment and materials

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