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Funding and the October Count - Dates and Guidelines

Did you know? Any child who receives CPP funding is considered a school district student, even if they are served through a community provider.

CPP Funding and the October Count: Guidelines

  • The state legislature authorizes the Colorado Preschool Program as part of the School Finance Act.
    • CPP funds are calculated and distributed according to the School Finance Formula.
  • Most students are counted as half-day pupils (0.5 FTE)
    • Districts may apply to CDE for approval to use two CPP/ECARE positions to fund a child with high needs for a full-day of preschool services
      • New for 2016: A child who qualifies under IDEA as a child with a disability and thus eligible for a half-day of preschool general education may be funded for an additional half-day of programming if they meet the eligibility criteria of CPP. Click here to read CDE's guidance memo (PDF). To read more about this, visit our Full-Day Preschool page.
  • Click here to find your district's allocations

Visit the Field Analyst Support Team (FAST) webpage for the most current updates regarding Pupil Count

More Information

If you have any questions about the October or November count please contact Tanna George at 303-866-6803 or 

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