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CPP Online Handbook: Comprehensive Plan

The Quality of the Program

In general, research shows that the key to an effective preschool program is high quality. The quality of early childhood education is critical in determining whether it helps a child develop a strong foundation for future learning and development.

It is not appropriate for children receiving CPP funds to be enrolled in a program that does not demonstrate the capacity to deliver high quality, developmentally appropriate services.

To document how your program addresses this area, you may consider including in your comprehensive plan:

  • A description of how the Colorado Department of Education Quality Standards for Early Care and Education are used to guide program evaluation and planning
  • A description of the program’s implementation of the Colorado Early Learning Guidelines from Birth through 8.
  • A description of the process for the twice yearly on-site visits to all classrooms funded by CPP by district advisory members to monitor overall program compliance; status of recommendations for needed improvements
  • Noteworthy remarks from a recent CLASS observation, Qualistar evaluation, ECERS rating, or NAEYC accreditation or review
  • A vision and mission statement for your program
  • Oversight and support provided by the CPP district advisory council and the school district
  • Relevant agenda items from district advisory council meetings

The Colorado Department of Education Quality Standards for Early Childhood Care and Education were developed as a working document, a framework, and a tool to help programs implement their commitment to improving quality. While it was never meant to be used as a checklist to decide who can or cannot provide CPP services, it does provide the language and concepts necessary to make such difficult decisions.

District advisory councils are required to make at least two on-site visits per year to all individual providers in their district that serve children funded by CPP.
  • The purpose of these visits is to monitor overall program compliance, and make recommendations for any needed improvements.
  • The council should then follow up with recommendations for improvements and report on their monitoring and evaluation to CDE in the year-end report.

Samples of District Council Assessment Instruments for Classroom Visits:


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