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Administration of the Colorado Preschool Program:
Problem Solving and District Advisory Councils

The rules and regulations give a framework for the district advisory council’s responsibilities.

  • As district advisory councils have developed, how they do what they are asked to do has often become a reflection of their community.
  • Their job is to manage the Colorado Preschool Program, and as they do this, management styles take on the unique character of the individuals and community involved.
  • The district advisory council takes on the design and implementation of the program.
    • As is often the case, it is asked to put together a comprehensive, high quality program with limited resources.
    • This means council members must have broad knowledge of the resources available in their community as well as the ability to creatively put the pieces together.
    • While solid local partnerships have always been important, they are now critical to success.
    • When you think of who your potential partners are, be creative and think more broadly than you ever have.

An important part of managing is solving problems. By design, problems that arise within CPP are best addressed locally.

  • Problems, concerns and questions should all be brought to the district advisory council.
  • A great deal of CPP policy is set by the district advisory council and can be changed by the council if the policy is no longer productive.
  • Many programs have found that it is important to have a written policy document that reflects the decisions made by their councils.

The role of the Colorado Department of Education is to be a resource to district advisory councils and local community members. CDE will provide assistance and support whenever possible.

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