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Phase 2 - Developing Performance Assessments

Charge and Purpose

The work of the Content Collaboratives is intended to support effective instructional practice by providing high quality examples of assessment and how assessment information is used to promote student learning.

The new Colorado Academic Standards require students to apply content knowledge using extended conceptual thinking and 21st century skills. Performance assessments have the highest capacity to not only measure student mastery of the standards but also provide the most instructionally relevant information to educators. Further, performance assessments can integrate multiple standards within and across content areas, providing educators a comprehensive perspective of student knowledge and giving students the opportunity to demonstrate the degree to which they understand and transfer their knowledge.

Performance Assessment
An assessment based on observation and judgment. It has two parts: the task and the criteria for judging quality. Students complete a task (give a demonstration or create a product) and it is evaluated by judging the level of quality using a rubric. Examples of demonstrations include playing a musical instrument, carrying out the steps in a scientific experiment, speaking a foreign language, reading aloud with fluency, repairing an engine, or working productively in a group. Examples of products can include writing an essay, producing a work of art, writing a lab report, etc. (Pearson Training Institute, 2011)

Phase 2 of the work of the Content Collaboratives focused on the training, development, trialing, and scoring of performance assessments aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards. Each Content Collaborative reviewed their Gap Report that resulted from the Phase 1 work and considered the work produced in the Sample Curriculum Project to determine the most appropriate grade levels and standards on which to focus the performance assessment work. Performance assessments and the Performance Assessment Development Process tools and resources are available in the CDE Resource Bank.

Dates and Presentations

Meeting 1
March 5 - 6, 2013
Hilton Antlers – Colorado Springs
4 South Cascade Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Meeting 2
June 11-12, 2013
The Village at Breckenridge
535 S. Park Ave
Breckenridge, CO 80424


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