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Content Collaboratives

Colorado Content Collaboratives

By Teachers For Teachers

Working at the intersection of the new Colorado Academic Standards, Educator Effectiveness and New Assessments

For Colorado's districts and schools, the effective integration of standards implementation, assessment development, educator effectiveness, and a robust accountability system requires serious supports. Since 2012, Colorado educators have been involved with state and national representatives in the creation and establishment of high quality resources to support this work. In an effort to build upon current levels of educator expertise, the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) established leadership and technical development work groups for each of the state’s 10 content areas so that Colorado educators could have access to the latest and most effective instructional and assessment tools,examples, and professional development.  These work groups are known as the Colorado Content Collaboratives.  Click here to view a list of the member of the Colorado Content Collaborative.


The Work of the Content Collaboratives

 In Phase 1 of the Content Collaboratives' work the members participated in the co-creation of the Colorado Assessment Review Tool (ART) which the Colorado Content Collaboratives used to evaluate existing assessment resources to determine their quality and potential to determine student learning based on the Colorado Academic Standards. The ART, along with more than 600 reviewed assessments are available in the CDE Assessment Resource Bank for voluntary use by Colorado educators.

Phase 2 of the Content Collaboratives, which began in March, 2013, brought Content Collaboratives members together to receive training and engage in a performance assessment development process. The Content Collaboratives worked with the Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation from the University of Kansas. Performance assessments developed by the Content Collaboratives have been posted in the CDE Resource Bank for voluntary educator use.

The Content Collaboratives have also worked with the developers of the Colorado District Sample Curriculum Project to provide assessment expertise in the development of performance assessments to support the instructional units based on the curriculum samples developed in 2012. These aligned performance assessments will be available in the CDE Resource Bank in January 2015.

Phase 3 of the Content Collaboratives is focusing on the development of assessment literacy tools and resources emphasizing the assessment knowledge and skills educators need to cultivate in order to effectively and strategically use assessment information to support student learning. 

Important Announcements

The Colorado Content Collaboratives Seeks New Membership!

CDE invites Colorado educators to apply to become members of the Colorado Content Collaboratives. The Colorado Content Collaboratives benefit Colorado schools by providing clear examples and guidance for implementation of standards, assessments and educator effectiveness initiatives. The participating educators benefit from content-specific expert training, leadership development, and the influencing of critical components of our ambitious education system.

This educator-led effort brings Content Collaboratives members together 3-4 times annually to engage with their peers and recognized education experts to co-create needed instructional and assessment resources and tools. Applicants must be available to attend a new member orientation meeting in Denver on Tuesday, February 10, 2015, followed by a Content Collaboratives meeting on Wednesday, February 11, 2015. The focus of this meeting will be to work with Margaret Heritage from the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards & Student Testing (CRESST) at UCLA on the development of content-specific elements to be included in Colorado’s Assessment Literacy Program.

Please consider applying to be part of this exciting work!  You may access the application here.

Deadline for application submission is January 7, 2015. Notification of application status will be provided to all applicants in mid-January.

For additional information, please contact Angela Landrum,, 303.866.6931

CDE is working in active and appreciative partnership with the Colorado Community College System, the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, & Student Testing at UCLA, the Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation at the University of Kansas, the National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment, Inc., and the Colorado Education Initiative to support the development and implementation of the Colorado Content Collaboratives. The Colorado Content Collaboratives are supported, in part, by Colorado’s Race to the Top Program.

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