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Fifth Grade Content Connection Sample: Change and Transformation

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Transformation is the change in the structure, appearance, or character of something or someone. Fifth graders explore, analyze, and model transformations in a variety of ways. They describe the processes of change; compare pre- and post- change attributes and begin to understand the underlying causes for change. Although students have encountered examples of change throughout elementary school, in fifth grade students are developing more abstract ideas about how substances and situations transform into new and different states.

Change and Transformation can connect 7 of 10 content areas as detailed below.

Comprehensive Health and Physical Education

In comprehensive health and physical education, change and transformation are a key concept in healthy development. In addition to learning about change that occur in puberty, students master goal setting for change by applying skills to improve their physical fitness, eating behaviors, personal and interpersonal behavior and stress management. Mastering change and transformation in comprehensive health and physical education engages students in preparing for the increased expectation of personal responsibility in secondary school and beyond.

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Comprehensive Health
Physical Education


In dance, change and transformation occur when key dance elements are altered to change the understanding and interpretation of a dance. Adjusting a well-known dance segment in the classical style to new music in the R&B style is one example of transforming a known dance into a new dance work. Transferring dance works into new or altered representations demonstrates a high level of understanding of a piece.

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Drama and Theatre Arts

In drama and theatre arts, change and transformation are found when a production changes a theatrical environment into a believable portrayal of historical or present day events. Finding the balance between all elements of a production and making artistic choices within a production rely on transformative decision making based in compromise and collaborative problem solving.

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In music, change and transformation are vital for improvisation. Using a given musical selection, improvisation allows fifth graders to change rhythm, tempo, meter, beat, and dynamics to transform the musical selection into something unique and new. Early improvisation skills demonstrate a learner’s ability to employ flexible thinking.

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In science, changes and transformations are constantly occurring to objects and organisms in nature and can be studied and understood. By knowing how objects and organisms change or transform we can better understand the natural world and make predictions about future events such as weather forecasts.

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Social Studies

In social studies, change and transformation are examined over time in institutions, individuals, and the environment. Understanding change and transformation provides the basis for making critical decisions, reasoned arguments, and analyzing various perspectives on a topic.

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Visual Arts

In visual arts, change and transformation are concepts used to portray two and three dimensional visual representations of an artist’s vision using a variety of mediums. For example, rendering a three-dimensional model of a sculpture or a two-dimensional model of a room can be accomplished through technological media. Transferring real-life models into technological representations demonstrates an ability to focus on intricate details of an object.

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