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Fourth Grade Content Connection Sample: Attributes

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Attributes refer to characteristics, features, properties, or traits. Fourth graders are identifying, describing, listing, and analyzing the underlying attributes of objects, substances, texts, situations, and ideas. This work is an extension of the work on sorting, similarities and differences, and patterns and interactions.

Attributes can connect 9 of 10 content areas as detailed below.

Comprehensive Health and Physical Education

In comprehensive health and physical education, attributes are characteristics of motor skills, movement patterns, and healthy relationships. Students improve their movements through self and peer feedback about the differences in attributes of movements. Students also describe the characteristics of a friend and supportive family to build an understanding of healthy relationships. Identifying the physical and social elements of movements and relationships encourages students to analyze their environment, physical behaviors, and social connections to ensure their safety as well as lifelong wellness.

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Comprehensive Health

Physical Education


In dance, attributes refer to the ideas, styles and intent of dance works. Attributes such as specific themes, processes or structures and dance elements help to convey intent of a dance work.

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Drama and Theatre Arts

In drama and theatre arts, attributes refer to creating characters and stage environments. Performing and listening, as well as choosing appropriate gestures, expressions, scenery and props, requires an analysis of complementary and non-complementary attributes to make a scene believable.

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In mathematics, attributes refer to the defining characteristics of numbers and objects. For example, the factors of a number are an attribute that defines prime and composite numbers and lines of symmetry are attributes of shapes that can be used to classify them. Fourth graders use attributes classify numbers and shapes.

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In music, attributes include the analysis of dynamics, tempo, meter, articulation, theme, and variation. Identifying the more subtle differences between mezzo piano and piano or advanced tempo and meter markings give students an opportunity to be more illustrative in their musical description. In fourth grade, students use the discernment of attributes to move into the next level of musical structure.

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Reading, Writing, and Communicating

In reading, writing and communicating, attributes are used to identify, describe, and interpret story elements and common organizational text structures. In addition, students analyze word roots and affixes as well as conventions to deepen their understanding of the language.

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In science, attributes are the distinguishing characteristics of objects and organisms. By identifying distinguishing attributes of objects, they can be categorized and studied more effectively. For example, objects in a solar system or an ecosystem can be classified based on important attributes.

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Social Studies

In social studies, attributes are characteristics or qualities of events, individuals, ideas, objects or systems. In geography, for example, the physical features found in Colorado are the attributes of the geography of the state. In civics, attributes are characteristics that describe the structure, function, origin, and elements of various ideas such as citizen. In economics, attributes are the distinctive pieces of markets and systems, for instance, the economic attributes of a state might include an intelligent workforce, mineral deposits, and tourism. Understanding how attributes of individual components contribute to systems is an enduring understanding.

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Visual Arts

In visual arts, attributes provide an understanding of the materials and processes used to create a work. For example, deciding what specific media to use, such as clay, is determined by the attributes needed in a work of art. Understanding how attributes can be used to convey meaning through characteristics and expressive features requires a strong ability to apply and transfer knowledge in visual arts.

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