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News Release - Adams 14 School District's accreditation restored after district signs MOU, joint letter with management partner

Oct. 7, 2021

Adams 14 School District's accreditation restored after district signs MOU, joint letter with management partner

DENVER - Adams 14 School District’s accreditation was restored Thursday after the district complied with a State Board of Education order that required the district to sign a memorandum of understanding and joint letter with its management partner confirming it will resume working together to turn around the district’s low academic performance. 

The school district had temporarily lost accreditation after missing the Oct. 1 deadline to submit a joint letter demonstrating that it was working collaboratively with MGT of America Consulting, the management partner chosen by the district and approved by the state board. On Sept. 10, the state board ordered Adams 14 to submit the joint letter by Oct. 1, saying it had resumed work with the company in compliance with a 2018 order designed by the state board to turn around the district’s poor academic performance. 

Because the district failed to produce the joint letter, its accreditation was immediately removed. On Monday, the state board gave the district an opportunity to restore its accreditation -- ordering Adams 14 to submit by today a memorandum of understanding that it would comply with specific operational items from the 2018 order and a joint letter agreeing to continue working with MGT.

“We are pleased to return to a focus on students, teachers and families in Adams 14, now that the district and MGT have put aside their disputes and come back into compliance with the board’s order,” said Angelika Schroeder, state board chair.  “Making substantial change in a district that has struggled for years will need everyone’s focus. Students, teachers and families in Adams 14 deserve nothing less.”

The issue arose in August when the district stopped work with MGT without seeking a change to the state board’s order from 2018, which required the district to be managed by an external entity in an effort to produce dramatic improvement in the district that has had declining academic performance for a significant period of time. 

Colorado Education Commissioner Katy Anthes said she hopes this hiccup in the process is over. 

“Turning around a school district is extremely difficult and needs everyone working together with a shared purpose -- and that is to make dramatic improvements for the children of Adams 14,” she said. “We can’t do this work without everyone on board and everyone working for the same goal. I appreciate that the district and MGT will resume this important work.”

During the temporary loss of accreditation, the district’s schools remained open and funded.