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CMAS Results and Educator Evaluations


Colorado law requires that 50 percent of an educator’s evaluation be based on student learning outcomes as demonstrated by various assessments or “measures of student learning,” including – but not limited to – state assessments. Colorado state assessments include English language arts, math, science and social studies, and are known as Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS).

Using CMAS results for educator evaluations

Districts are required to include CMAS results in one of two ways for evaluations of educators (considerations should be made for the content that teachers teach when applying CMAS results):

  • To use the results in evaluations in the same year that the assessment was administered, results must be available at least two weeks prior to the last class day of the school year.
  • If the results aren’t available in the time frame discussed above, districts must use results from the prior assessment year for educator evaluations. If districts didn’t use state assessment results in the prior year, they should be the “first data point in” the following year.

The chart below outlines how CMAS results are used in 50 percent of an educator’s evaluation.  For more information about the other requirements for using student growth in educator evaluations click here.  

Image: Framework for system to evaluate teachers