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News Release - Katy Anthes to Lead Educator Effectiveness Work

Aug. 10, 2011

News Release

Katy Anthes to lead CDE’s educator effectiveness work

Colorado Department of Education Commissioner Robert Hammond today announced the hiring of Katy Anthes, who will lead the state’s educator effectiveness work.

Katy Anthes, CDE’s new executive director of educator effectiveness, will lead CDE’s efforts to recruit, prepare, evaluate, support and retain highly effective educators. She is responsible for aligning and coordinating educator preparation program review, licensure, induction, professional development, evaluation, retention initiatives, teacher equity initiatives and other related functions to help maximize the effectiveness of all educators across the state. An immediate priority for Ms. Anthes is ensuring the successful implementation of the state’s educator evaluation and development system, pursuant to Senate Bill 10-191.

In her current position as a partner with the Third Mile Group, Anthes conducts project-based research for state, district and national organizations on education, social policy and organizational development issues. Anthes also teaches several master’s level courses at the University of Colorado, Denver. Most recently, Anthes’ professional work has been with the School Leadership Academy Board, which has directly connected her to the educator effectiveness initiative and various projects of it, including the State Council on Educator Effectiveness, The New Teacher Project, the Colorado Legacy Foundation work and the CDE’s educator effectiveness work. Anthes also recently co-led the Expanded Learning Opportunities Commission for Colo. and has been an evaluator for several district education programs across Colo. throughout the past four years.

In addition to this direct experience, Anthes has seven years of research and policy work at the Education Commission of the States. In her role as policy analyst and program director, her specific expertise was in school and district leader effectiveness. Since then, she has also worked directly with the state of Texas and led their Texas Education Leadership Council work over a two-year period.

Anthes holds a Ph.D. in public policy and master’s degree in public affairs from the University of Colorado, Denver. She did her undergraduate work at the University of Oregon. Anthes begins her work at the Colorado Department of Education on Aug. 15.

The Great Teachers and Leaders Bill (S.B. 10-191) established new expectations for local personnel evaluation systems and required the state board to promulgate rules concerning the planning, development, implementation, and assessment of a system to evaluate the effectiveness of licensed personnel. The state board held its most recent rulemaking hearing on Wednesday, Aug. 3. Additional hearings and opportunities for public comment on the draft rules are available in September and October. The board will consider adoption of the educator effectiveness rules on Wednesday, Nov. 9, which will then be brought to the General Assembly for review. For more on CDE’s educator effectiveness work, visit

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