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News Release - Funds Secured for Health And Wellness And Expanded Learning Opportunities Initiatives

May 16, 2011

News Release

Colorado Legacy Foundation Secures Over $1.6 Million In Support For Health And Wellness And Expanded Learning Opportunities Initiatives

Today the Colorado Legacy Foundation (CLF) announced a three year $1,377,253 grant from The Colorado Health Foundation to support their Health and Wellness program and a $300,000 grant from the Ford Foundation to continue work on Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO). This funding is in addition to continued support for general operating funds given by the Piton Foundation.

“The Colorado Legacy Foundation is a shining example of how a thoughtful public-private partnership can make a meaningful difference for students in our state,” said Lieutenant Governor Joe Garcia. “They have been a strong leader on the implementation of Senate Bill 191, and I am confident that they will continue to be highly effective in their work in student health and wellness and ELO.”

CLF takes a comprehensive and strategic approach to advancing health and wellness in public education because of the clearly established links between healthy students and staff, safe and supportive school climates and academic outcomes.

“We recognize that successful teaching and learning occur when students and staff are physically healthy, and positively engaged in the school community,” said President and CEO of the Colorado Legacy Foundation, Dr. Helayne Jones. “We are thrilled that the Colorado Health Foundation has awarded us this grant to expand on the success of supporting Colorado school districts in the implementation of health and wellness policy that results in effective practice.”

Specifically, funding from the award will be used to increase awareness among educational stakeholders of the critical link between health and academic outcomes; to convene educational leaders through face-to-face and virtual information exchange and peer learning communities; to create and disseminate health and wellness tools and resources; to reward the implementation of model school district policy through competitive grant and recognition awards; and to monitor and evaluate progress through supporting the development of assessment and accreditation tools.

ELO fosters collaboration and partnerships among teachers, schools and community and national partners to effectively use the school day so that it is unrestricted by walls (i.e., use of blended, online and distance learning, academic and career pathways connected to business, industry and postsecondary education), clocks (i.e., flexible school days, schedules and use of time during the day)calendars (i.e., expanding the school year and staggering yearly schedules) or tradition (i.e., employing competency-based learning, and more individualized, student-centered learning).

“Today learning can take place anytime, anywhere,” said Jones. “ELO provides an opportunity to craft an effective learning experience tailored to a student’s passions, interests and needs. The Ford Foundation knows that possibilities for this work are limitless and we have a responsibility to provide the conditions and supports to make it happen. We honored to have been chosen to forward this important and innovative work.”

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