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News Release - State Board of Education Appoints Dr. Katy Anthes as Interim Commissioner

May 20, 2016

State Board of Education Appoints Dr. Katy Anthes as Interim Commissioner

The Colorado State Board of Education today appointed Dr. Katy Anthes as interim commissioner and accepted the resignation of former commissioner Richard Crandall. Dr. Anthes, previously the department’s chief of staff, has agreed to remain in the post through the transition.

“The board thanks Dr. Anthes for accepting the role of interim commissioner. We know there are many challenges ahead as the department transitions to new leadership, and we believe Dr. Anthes is the right person to lead us during this important time for Colorado’s public education system,” said state board Chairman Steve Durham.

During the Friday afternoon meeting, the board unanimously accepted Crandall’s resignation, which was submitted yesterday.

“I appreciate the board’s confidence and look forward to working with them and the CDE staff on our efforts to advance educational achievement for all Colorado students,” Dr. Anthes said. “Our service to schools and the education community will be our top priority while we move ahead with our critical statewide initiatives.