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News Release - Colorado Education Commissioner steps down

May 19, 2016

Colorado Education Commissioner steps down 

DENVER—Colorado Education Commissioner Richard Crandall today submitted his resignation to the state Board of Education.
“On behalf of my state board colleagues, I want to thank Commissioner Crandall for his strong and effective advocacy for quality public education for all Colorado children,” said state board Chairman Steve Durham. “I appreciate the importance Mr. Crandall places on family and his recognition of his professional and personal limitations in this demanding position.”
Crandall previously had served in the Arizona legislature and was noted for his role there in shaping education policy and advocating reforms before coming aboard as Colorado’s education commissioner at the beginning of this year.
“The realities of my large family being out of state, including school age children, as well as the demands of the position and the time required to fully serve a state as diverse and expansive as Colorado, lead me to this decision,” Crandall said. “I have enjoyed getting to know and work with so many supporters of public education, especially the staff at the Department of Education. I wish the state board and staff well as they work on implementation of ESSA and the many key policy issues facing the board.”
The state board will meet at 4:30 on Friday, May 20, to consider Crandall’s resignation. The board will also consider appointment of an interim commissioner pending a search for a permanent replacement.