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News Release -- Show the love during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-6

Show the love during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-6

Thank a Colorado teacher for all they do for the state’s students

Colorado Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6, giving people the chance to thank the thousands of teachers in the state who are changing lives one day at a time in classrooms across the Centennial State.

During this week the Colorado Department of Education challenges the public to share posts, images or videos with signs thanking a teacher on any social media site with the hashtag, #ThankATeacherCO. Explain why you appreciate teachers or give a shout-out to your favorite teacher. Tag a friend and challenge them to also show appreciation to Colorado’s deserving teachers.

“There is no question that a great education system relies on the work of great teachers,” said Colorado Education Commissioner Rich Crandall. “Teachers should not be thanked for just one week out of the year. They should be thanked and appreciated every day for what they do. That is why we place such high value on our teachers and why Colorado is working hard to support and retain our high quality educators and recruit even more to join the workforce.”

One of Commissioner Crandall’s top priorities since he started in his job in January is to continue to retain the best in the profession and recruit more teachers to Colorado’s classrooms. A recent report found that Colorado will need 4,500 new teachers by next school year.

“The first step toward keeping people in the profession and enticing people to join is to show how much we appreciate teachers in Colorado,” Commissioner Crandall said.

So raise your placards, write posters, Tweet, Facebook, Instagram. Tell the world about the teachers who have changed your life or the lives of your children. Thank a teacher today, but keep them in mind every day.

To see a video from the 2016 Colorado Teacher of the Year, Leticia Guzman Ingram, go to For more information about Colorado Teacher Appreciation Week and a full list of resources, visit