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News Release -- CDE's teacher turnover report now reflects internal promotions

New reporting category more clear on retention data for districts

The Colorado Department of Education’s annual report examining the ebb and flow of staff employment in each Colorado school district has been revised this year to include new categories that reveal whether staff members have left their positions for leadership or other new jobs within the district.

This new category in the 2015 report called the “conditional turnover rate” shows the percentage of teachers who left both their teaching positions and the district. For the past 20 years, the personnel turnover report was inexact because it failed to identify teachers who left their positions but stayed in the district because of promotions or other opportunities.

“We realized the formula for turnover actually punished school districts with strong internal leadership development programs,” said Colorado Education Commissioner Rich Crandall. “For example, if a district hired an in-house teacher to fill a vacant principal position, the formula would actually count that as two vacancies – one for the principal position and then a second one when you promoted the teacher. We have worked with districts over time on the report to be clearer about what retention data means.”

The revised report shows both the old and new formulas and a few other  new categories:

  • Left Job Category and District. This is the number of people who left both their positions and the district.
  • Left Job Category Only. This is the number who left their positions but not the district.
  • Conditional Turnover Rate. This is the percentage of people who left their positions and the school district.
  • New to Job Category and District. This is the number of people who are new to the district in any position.
  • New to Job Category Only. These are people who moved into a new position from another position in the district.

The Personnel Turnover Rate by District and Position Categories report can be found on CDE’s at this location: