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News Release - Colorado ranks 21st in the nation for number of new board-certified teachers

Dec. 9, 2014

Colorado ranks 21st in the nation for number of new board-certified teachers

There were 45 new Colorado educators who achieved National Board Certification in 2014, which ranks Colorado 21st in the total number of new educators certified during the 2013-14 cycle. Nationally, 4,100 teachers became certified, for a total over time of 110,447 educators across the country. Colorado had 16 additional National Board Certified Teachers who renewed their certification by completing the entire program for a second time.

"The National Board Certification process continues to be a way for our educators to greatly expand and refine their content knowledge and classroom teaching practices," said Colleen O'Neil, executive director of the Professional Services and Educator Licensing Unit at CDE. "Congratulations to our educators who pursue the challenging and robust certification process and succeed in obtaining this distinction. These educators see the value of engaging in the national certification process and using their powerful teaching to improve student achievement and better prepare their students for college and careers."

This year, Colorado remained the 23rd state in the nation for the most educators certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards with 890 educators certified.

Twenty-seven percent of the newly certified in Colorado became certified in science, math or career and technical education. Thirty-two percent of the renewed teachers (16) were in STEM areas.

New National Board Certified teachers in Colorado are eligible to receive a state stipend of $1,600 to be distributed in May. If they are employed in a Turnaround or Priority Improvement Plan school, they receive an additional $3,200. Stipends are pro-rated for employment in specific schools.

"The public clearly sees the value in Board certification as an assurance that teachers have met the profession's highest standards and have the knowledge and skills necessary to advance student learning," said Ronald Thorpe, president and CEO of the National Board. "Still, we have a long way to go to make Board certification the norm and the expectation in the profession. Today, only a small fraction of America's teachers are Board certified. We owe it to our students and our future to make them a majority—and to build the coherent trajectory that supports every teacher to reach accomplished practice."

The state's top five school districts in terms of the cumulative total of National Board Certified Teachers (based on where teachers became certified) are: Boulder Valley School District (170), Denver Public Schools (139), Cherry Creek School District (125), Douglas County School District (54) and Colorado Springs School District 11 (53).

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For more information regarding National Board Certification and teacher stipends, contact Anne Marie Roberts in the Office of Professional Services at 303-866-6648 or View more information on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.