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News Release - Board gets assessment questions answered by U.S. Department of Education

Oct. 8, 2014

Board gets assessment questions answered by U.S. Department of Education

Approves adding additional assessments to the approved menu of readiness assessments

The Colorado State Board of Education met for its regularly scheduled meeting on Oct. 8. Highlights from the meeting include:


Staff shared a response from the U.S. Department of Education that addressed questions from CDE in an Aug. 19 letter regarding various inquiries that have arisen in Colorado regarding the requirements for state assessments under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) and ESEA flexibility. The letter addressed questions about federal requirements regarding the frequency, grade levels and content area of state assessments; if states have to administer the same general assessment to all students; if a combination of state and local measures be used within a state’s assessment and/or accountability system and more. 

Recognition of Colorado’s Outstanding Students

The board recognized Isabella Griffin for her work in creating the Be a Buddy not a Bully program.  Griffin is a student in the Alamosa School District. She wants kids to stop turning their heads and start stepping in. Griffin makes posters for schools, which every student signs.  Along with the pledge and the poster, every child is given a bracelet that says “Buddies Not Bullies.” Her program has been accepted in six local schools. Her goal is to take her program to every school in Colorado and nationwide. She has been recognized by Peace First and featured on 9News and CNN.  Griffin just finished an interview with Scholastic Magazine and will be featured in the October Issue, as October is National Bully Awareness Month. 

The Durango High School Aerospace Design Team has once again demonstrated outstanding achievement in winning the International Space Settlement Design World Championship, for the sixth time, and winning the national championship for the fourth time. At the 2014 International Space Settlement Design World Finals, the team swept the individual awards, earning both the leadership award for senior Haakon Sigurslid, the best female presenter award for senior Jocelyn Zemach and the best male presenter award for Junior Ben Wilbur. This year’s team was comprised of seniors (Class of 2014) Bella Bussian, Mariah Dorsey, Emma Greenberg, Patrick Leach, Jesse Rubenstein, Elle Rathbun, Haakon Sigurslid, and Jocelyn Zemach; juniors Mallory Byrd, Ben Wilbur and Shaylah Wood; sophomores Joe Genualdi and Charlie Greenberg and freshman Cord Arnold. The team is taught and coached by Daniel Garner and co-sponsored by Steven Powell. 

Other Action

The board moved to approve the addition of the following assessment systems to the state board approved menu of readiness assessments:  Riverside Early Assessments of Learning, Desired Results Development Profile and Teaching Strategies GOLD Survey. 

Staff provided an update on revisions to CDE’s strategic plan. Staff reviewed changes to the plan based on the department’s annual review and revision process.  Staff also shared progress toward the state’s performance metrics and priority focus areas for 2014-15.

Rulemaking Hearings

The state board approved the rules for the administration of the instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation in public schools grant program. 

The board approved the rules for the administration of the school health professional grant program. 

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