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READ Act Training Infographic Alt Text

Colorado General Assembly updates the 2012 READ Act to ensure children learn to read by third grade.

All Teachers who provide literacy instruction to students in grades K-3 must fulfill the READ Act teacher training requirements.

*Unlicensed teachers follow separate procedures outlined below.

All K-3 teachers who provide reading instruction must complete training by August 1, 2022.

Teachers should submit proof of complete training in COOL by August 15, 2022.

Requirements for Districts:

Communicate with teachers to ensure they complete training. Districts can monitor progress in COOL.

Scenario 1

Teacher submits proof through COOL. Then, District submits information to Data Pipeline. In November districts will receive 2022 READ Act funding.

Scenario 2

Teacher did not submit proof through COOL. Districts collets information from teacher and submits to CDE. CDE verifies and processes information. READ Act funding may delayed through this scenario.