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ELAT Virtual Learning: Pathways of Progress

Pathways of Progress: Online class from the author of the tool Dr. Roland Good

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the rationale and purpose of DIBELS Next and Pathways of Progress
  2. Be able to set progress monitoring goals that balance the measures in the DCS, the benchmark goals, and the pathways
  3. Be able to read the Pathways Classroom Report
  4. Be able to make decisions with graphed data
  5. Know why the Pathways are based on the DIBELS Composite Score

Module 1. DIBELS Next Overview - 21:46 minutes

  • Purposes (universal screening and progress monitoring)
  • Prevention
  • Technical adequacy
  • Indicators of the Basic Early Literacy Skills
  • DIBELS Next Benchmark Goals
  • Link to the Common Core State Standards
  • Using DIBELS in the Outcomes Driven Model

Handout: Module 1 slides

Module 2: The Need for Pathways of Progress - 16:50 minutes

  • The importance of progress monitoring
  • How much growth is enough?
  • Intro of case examples - Tabitha, Jaclyn, Rene
  • The purposes of Pathways of Progress

Handout: Module 2 slides

Module 3. The Logic Behind Pathways of Progress - 32:12 minutes

Handout: Module 3 slides

Module 4. Setting Progress Monitoring Goals Using Pathways of Progress Goal Setting Utility - 23:17 minutes

Handout: Module 4 slides

Module 5. Why Pathways of Progress is Based on the Composite Score - 16:24 minutes

Handout: Module 5 slides

Module 6. Using Pathways with Students Who are Well Below Benchmark on the Composite Score - 15:16 minutes

  • Case Example - Alistair
  • Introduction to DIBELS Next Survey
  • Introduction to DIBELS Deep
  • On- and Below-Grade Progress Monitoring

Handout: Module 6 slides

Module 7: How Pathways of Progress Predicts Future Performance - 6:07

  • Predictions of future performance based on benchmark status and pathway

Handout: Module 7 slides

Module 8. Reliability of Decisions with Pathways of Progress - 14:28 minutes

Handout: Module 8 slides

Module 9. Pathways of Progress is a Preferred Alternative to Slope - 9:04 minutes

  • Reliability of slope
  • Reliability of Pathways of Progress

Handout: Module 9 slides

Module 10: Using Pathways of Progress to Evaluate Student Progress with the Pathways Classroom Report - 10:22 minutes

Handout: Module 10 slides

Module 11: Pathways of Progress Big Ideas and Conclusion - 1:55 minutes

Handout: Module 11 slides

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