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Pathways of Progress - Virtual Classroom Opportunity for all ELAT Educators




Pathways of Progress is a research-based tool available on the mCLASS Platform for:

  • establishing individual student progress monitoring goals
  • evaluating individual student progress and rate of growth
  • evaluating the effectiveness of support at the classroom, school, or district level

Through the ELAT project we have an amazing opportunity available for approximately 250 educators. We are offering a series of three virtual sessions for educators to join for 9 clock hours. These sessions will be offered in a “flipped” model, meaning that you will watch the Pathways of Progress Modules on the ELAT website and then join a virtual community for deeper conversation and questions. Pathways of Progress mentors will be facilitating these sessions

In session 1 you will learn: (video focus modules 1-3)

  • How and why specific pathways for students are determined,
  • Define and understand what are meaningful, ambitious and attainable goals as well as
  • Explore the logic behind setting goals for your students.   

In session 2 you will: (video focus modules 4-7)

  • Dive deeper into goal setting looking at real students and their pathways,
  • Learn to navigate the mClass system pathways tool and further discuss why pathways are set using the Composite Score. 

In session 3 you will: (video focus modules 8-11)

  • Explore student progress and goal tracking by diving into how this is displayed through a classroom summary report. 


  • Participants will watch the Pathways modules on their own time and then join a one hour virtual connect with a Pathways of Progress mentor.
  • The virtual sessions are one hour in length and are offered on various days and times.
  • You will select one strand to attend with the same mentor across a span of three weeks starting the week of September 21, 2016 and ending on October 11, 2016.
  • Participants must attend all three virtual sessions for the entire length time to receive a certificate of participation for 9 clock hours.

Please click here to go to the registration page. You will be able to see the times available, read further details and register for a session.


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