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October 2013 ELAT News and Updates

Archived October News and Updates

October ELAT Happenings

Guidance Document:
Confirming a Significant Reading Deficiency and Progress Monitoring

By following  these paths  (PDF), schools still fall within the 60 instructional days to identify SRD while at the same time quickly responding to the instructional needs of students. In order to identify a student with a Significant Reading Deficiency, the student must first be given the DIBELS benchmark assessment and a composite score must be calculated. If the student falls below the cut score you must confirm that the student has an SRD with a progress monitoring probe (not another composite score). Intervention and progress monitoring (every 5 days for intensive students) should begin as soon as the composite score is calculated, therefore the scenarios below will provide guidance on how to interpret multiple progress monitoring probes in order to distinguish between students who are truly SRD and those who are benefiting from the intervention and demonstrating growth toward goals.

Complete Downloadable Document ( PDF)

Confirming SRD and Progress Monitoring Probes

See COMPLETE Downloadable Document for explanantion.

Progress Monitoring

Remember all intensive students are progress monitored every 5 days and strategic students are progress monitored every 10 days.

Progress Monitoring is the most powerful tool we offer with regards to student achievement.

Progress monitoring is the practice of testing students briefly but frequently on the skill areas in which they are receiving instruction, to ensure that they are making adequate progress. When students are identified as at risk for reading difficulties, they can receive progress monitoring testing more frequently to ensure that the instruction they are receiving is helping them make progress. (Dynamic Measurement Group, INC / October 2012, Progress Monitoring Guide)

The purposes of progress monitoring are:

  • • to provide ongoing feedback about the effectiveness of instruction,
  • • to determine students' progress toward important and meaningful goals, and
  • • to make timely decisions about changes to instruction so that students will meet those goals.

How to Progress Monitor?

  • Select Students for Progress Monitoring
  • Select DIBELS Next Materials for Progress Monitoring
  • Set Progress Monitoring Goals
  • Determine the Frequency of Progress Monitoring
  • Conduct Progress Monitoring Assessment
  • Access Data through Class and Student Reports
  • Evaluate Progress, and Modify Instruction.

The Key to Progress Monitoring: Instruction should link to Progress Monitoring and Progress Monitoring should link to instruction. They should run parallel and merge as one to confirm student growth in reading.

Check your progress monitoring fidelity report in mCLASS to ensure you are on track with these students.

October Webinars

The data analysis and Trainer of Trainers webinar will be posted on our webinar page. We apologize for the technical difficulties yesterday, the webinar was re-recorded and posted.


iOS UPDATE 9/11/13

Amplify has completed testing the iOS7 update on the mCLASS software first and it is safe to accept the update.

We appreciate your help in sharing this message. If you have questions about this update, please direct them to Customer Care.


January and February Professional Development - Training Sites Needed

The last face to face training for instructional leaders and your TOT's together will be held at the end of January and the beginning of February. If you are interested in hosting please contact Karen Cushman  - or Donna Bright - To host we need a room that will hold 35 people, wi-fi access for all participants, a projector and a screen. Thank You in advance for being willing to host.


Helpful Documents

Please refer to our FAQ document, implementation roadmap and training timeline to help with questions that might come up. These are posted on the ELAT Documents and Resources page.


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