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ELAT Newsletter - January 15, 2018

ELAT Application for 2018-2019 School Year
Audience: District and School Leaders

The application process for the Early Literacy Assessment Tool will be later this year than in past years. Please watch for information on the application at the beginning of March at that very latest. If there is information any sooner we will update you through this newsletter, send emails to program contacts and put the information in The Scoop and other CDE updates. Thank you for your patience.


School Based Support Available: Sign up by January 26, 2018 - Limited Number of Slots
Audience: Teachers, Interventionists, School Leaders, Instructional Coaches 

Through the ELAT (Early Literacy Assessment Tool) Project, CDE and Amplify are providing customized professional development for schools designed to help administrators, teachers, and other school leaders get the most out of their DIBELS Next data.  These half-day sessions at your school are provided through the project, are free of charge and  can focus on:

  • Utilizing DIBELS Next data analysis templates to determine specific student literacy needs
  • Identifying effective progress monitoring practices that target the correct skills
  • Understanding how DIBELS Next measures map to foundational literacy skills
  • Making instructional adjustments and differentiating instruction based on DIBELS Next data
  • Setting goals for students using Pathways of Progress

Schools Participating this year have said:

  • “Our teachers all learned something new and felt listened to and valued.  The teachers can effectively form instruction when digging deeper into the measure level probes.
  • ”“It was helpful learning how to set student goals and how to integrate data into a READ plan.”
  • “The most important take-away from the session was learning how to use the data to create reports and collect data to drive instruction.”

Click here to register for your Customized, School-Based PD Session


Professional Development : Virtual learning for all ELAT participants
Audience: School and District Leaders

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to help your students become better readers by more effectively and efficiently utilizing your DIBELS Next data, we are here to help!That’s right, you can make progress towards your resolutions in the comfort of your home or classroom! There are multiple sections offered from January through April. The January classes begin the week of January 22, 2018, check out the registration link below to see all of available dates.

Beginning in January, the Colorado Department of Education and Amplify will offer additional sections of our two Flipped Webinar Series :

  1. Applying DIBELS Foundations with the Outcomes-Driven Model :  DIBELS Foundations focuses on linking DIBELS Next measures to the early literacy skills students are working on in class while also providing a structured model of decision making that utilizes tools available through mCLASS: DIBELS Next.
  2. Advanced Progress Monitoring with DIBELS Next:  Advanced Progress Monitoring takes your progress monitoring to the next level by introducing a step-by-step process for effective on and off-grade level progress monitoring that helps evaluate instructional effectiveness and informs instructional next steps.

The Facts:

  • These are the same sessions offered in the Fall of 2017
  • The sessions are free
  • The sessions provide 10 clock hours credit
  • The sessions are hands on, offered at various times and allow you to immediately apply learnings to your everyday efforts

Feedback from teachers who took the courses last fall:  

“I was able to analyze the data from my own students in order to make the course relevant to my current needs. This enabled me to put it to use right away.” - Fall Foundations Participant

“Collaboration and learning from each other in sharing our successes and concerns on how to best help students read and use the data in the most helpful way for the students."- Fall Advanced PM Participant

Click Here to register for ELAT Virtual Learning Opportunities 

Spaces are limited and enrollment closes in mid-January, so reserve your spot today!  Please contact Donna Bright ( or Andrew Benesh ( if you have any questions.


Pathways of Progress
Audience: Teachers and School Leaders

Amplify has recently released new functionalities to the Pathways of Progress tool on the Amplify website ( that will allow teachers and leaders to see the pathway achieved at the composite and measure level.

As before, the Pathways icon uses a triangle to show the goal set for the student and filled bars to show the pathway achieved.  It is recommended to set the goal at Above or Well Above Typical progress.


The class summary report now shows the yearly goal that was set for the student and the pathway achieved at Middle of Year.  Note that this information is available for both the composite and individual measures (see Student A).  For students that do not have goals set (Student B, for example), the system will still show the Pathway achieved, but will not have a triangle to signify a goal.


Middle of Year Pathway data is also available in the Download Your Data report available to staff that have access to the Amplify Reporting and Analysis Suite (building and district leaders).  Click on the Download your Data icon to run the report (Pathway Achieved will be in column AU).  Please note that only the Pathway Achieved for Composite is available in this report.


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