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ELAT Newsletter - August 22, 2017

August 23, 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year. We have many opportunities and updates to share in support of the Early Literacy Assessment Tool Project (ELAT).

FREE Professional Development Opportunities

Through the ELAT project, the Colorado Department of Education is excited to offer the following two virtual classroom opportunities. All sessions will be delivered  virtually and will utilize WebEx and EdX as the platforms. The sessions will involve some pre-work and some work in between virtual connects.  We will offer a number of sessions for each topic and registration will be first come first serve. We look forward to a year of learning and supporting a refined use of DIBELS Next Data to inform instructional next steps. This opportunity is open to all ELAT teachers.

Starting in September: Applying DIBELS Foundations with the Outcomes Driven Model - 10 contact hours -

  • See the registration page for Course Objectives:
  • Session Date(s): When registering, participants will select specific dates and times for the following weeks:
    • Week of September 18th
    • Week of October 2nd
    • Week of October 16th

Starting in September : Pathways of Progress - 10 contact hours

  • See Registration Page for Course Objectives
  • Session Date(s): When registering, participants will select specific dates and times for the following weeks:
    • Week of September 25th
    • Week of January 15th
    • Week of May 14th

Starting in October and January: Progress Monitoring - Contact Hours TBD

  • Course Objectives: will be posted in September
  • Session Date(s): When registering, participants will select specific dates and times for the following weeks:
    • Week of October 30th
    • Week of November 13th
    • Week of November 27th

Register and Read Course Objectives Here

mCLASS Support for teachers or "Fall in love with mCLASS again"

Tips and Tricks in mCLASS 

Have you forgotten about showing lexile and percentile scores with your DIBELS Next data? Would you like to be able to open multiple probes quickly and easily to identify trends at a class or student level? Need a quick refresher on the power of goal setting with Pathways of Progress? This is the tool for you!!

We all get into certain habits when using an online platform and often forget about everything that is at our fingertips. Access a self paced voice over tutorial focused on class and student level data found on the mCLASS teacher reporting platform. Engage with tools you may have overlooked or forgotten about that help you inform your instruction. The tutorial is divided into topics and you can navigate through sections by simply clicking on the links located on the left side of the tutorial.

Mclass Updates:

Above Benchmark Category:

Addition of Above Benchmark Category to DIBELS Next. As mentioned last year the authors of DIBELS Next added a new benchmark category, above benchmark. The benchmark goals and cut points for risk have not changed. The new Above Benchmark level provides a higher goal for which typical- and high-achieving students and schools can aim. Read the full document here.

DIBELS Next benchmark goals are based on research with students across the U.S. The goals were set at a level at which, overall, 80% to 90% of the students who scored at or above the goal went on to meet subsequent goals and reading outcomes. Students who achieve a score at or above the benchmark have the odds in their favor of attaining future goals. Please read the announcement from Dynamic Measurement Group.

On July 17, the mCLASS reporting systems were updated to reflect the new Above Benchmark (blue) category in DIBELS Next. This new category is intended to help educators differentiate between students who are just above the benchmark and those who are well above it.

This update impacts our classroom-level reports, individual student records, and aggregate reports. The changes will be applied retroactively to results from previous years to enable better comparisons between years and to allow for a clearer view of student progress; as such, all historical DIBELS Next data will also reflect the new Above Benchmark category.

Amplify Home Page:

The Amplify home page has been updated with a green tile titled Online Assessment Management. You will soon be able to use this tile to manage Daze online assessments. Amplify will be updating the online help with additional information and notify you when this feature is available.

New Reporting Features:

  • All of the older “drawer selector” report views have been replaced by updated versions
  • “View My Data” will direct you to a streamlined new Featured Report page for each assessment
  • Clicking the report image will bring you to the report with the most likely-to-be-used parameters pre-selected, including the latest time of year and the population associated with the user (e.g., school, for a principal). Clicking Update will run the report.
  • Based on feedback from districts, the reports will *not* set Official Class Assigned as the default as they have in the past. If you wish to continue viewing your data with this filter, you can set the parameter under Student Filters.

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