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CDE Strategic Literacy Plan

In 2012, CDE received a U.S. Department of Education Striving Readers grant to develop a departmental Strategic Literacy Plan.

The State Literacy Plan built upon the Colorado Literacy Framework document to inform high quality literacy instruction in Colorado. This document captured the collaborative work of CDE leadership and staff during 2009-2010 to develop a consistent voice around literacy. CDE has established an internal, cross unit, Literacy Leadership Team that developed the plan and continues to meet to support the department's ongoing delivery work related to the plan.

Literacy Advisory Committee

To provide external input on the depatment's Strategic Literacy Plan, CDE established an external Literacy Advisory Committee. The Literacy Advisory Committee donated their time to work collaboratively with CDE Literacy Leadeship Team including:

  • Attending webinars and in person meetings
  • Providing input for the Strategic Literacy Plan
  • Reviewing drafts on the Strategic Literacy Plan

Main components of the Strategic Literacy Plan

  • Literacy goals for Colorado’s children, birth through 12th grade
  • Anchor principles to guide all literacy efforts emanating from the department
  • Recommendations for meeting Colorado’s literacy goals for all children
  • Action steps for implementation

Timeline of Plan Development

September 2010:
Colorado received Striving Readers formula grant to develop a strategic literacy plan

October-December 2010:
CDE Literacy Leadership Team formed; inventory of literacy initiatives conducted

December 2010-January 2011:
Initial strategic literacy overview developed

February 2011:
Initial draft strategic literacy overview submitted to U. S. Department of Education as required by Striving Readers grant

March-April 2011:
Striving Readers Competitive grant proposal developed and submitted to U. S. Department of Education

May 18, 2011:
Strategic Literacy Plan Retreat (CDE Literacy Leadership Team and the Literacy Advisory Committee)

June-August, 2011:
CDE Literacy Leadership Team incorporates Literacy Advisory Committee input into plan outline

August 25, 2011:
Strategic Literacy Plan Retreat (CDE Literacy Leadership Team and Literacy Advisory Committee) to solicit feedback on plan outline

October-December 2011:
CDE Literacy Leadership Team continues to meet to develop full strategic literacy plan

December 2011:
Draft plan completed

January-February, 2012:
Public feedback on draft plan

March 2012:
Strategic plan revised

April 2012:
Strategic plan approved by the State Board of Education

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