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Codes for Entering CBLA Data - The CBLA Test and Exceptions

  • This field is where the district-selected CBLA assessment is entered.
  • This field must be filled in for students in grades K - 3 who complete the school year in the district.
00 Not Applicable due to the student’s grade level or because the student exited the district before the end of the school year.

Note: Pre-K and 4th - 12th-grade students are not tested under CBLA.

01 DRA2
04 Exception: English Language Learner (designated Non- or Limited-English Proficient and less than 1 year in the U.S.)
05 Exception: Special Education (severe disability that prevents testing even with an accommodation)
06 Exception: Entered district after May 1 of reported school year
07 Exception: Student has part-time attendance status

Example of Coding
CBLA Test: 05 (Exception – Special Education)
CBLA Score: 000
CBLA Accommodations: 0

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