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Next Generation Learning/Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO)

Click Here to visit the Next Generation Learning/ELO website.

Next Generation Learning/Expanded Learning Opportunities is an innovative teaching and learning platform designed to ignite the unique potential of every student through the creation and delivery of dramatically personalized learning experiences.

In partnership with the Colorado Legacy Foundation (CLF), CDE is working with the field to rethink when, where and how teaching and learning take place and how schools could be fundametally different here in Colorado. Next Generation Learning/ELO is breaking the mold of public education to improve teaching and learning and to help students and educators succeed. It is about redesigning, re-engeneering and rethinking education together and creating a system that responds to the individual needs of every student while taking advantage of 21st Century learning opportunities. We invite you to view this video created to help introduce the ELO concept.

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