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Special Education Temporary Authorization (SETA)


For the 2013-2014 school year a new process for Special Educator Eligibility (SEE) or Temporary Teacher Eligibility (TTE) and the Temporary Educational Interpreter (TEI) are now located on the Educator Licensing Website. 


Look for the new Special Education Temporary Authorization (SETA)application
(under the Authorizations section)
in the eLicensing menu; this is the new process thru Educator Licensing you will need to complete for your SEE or TTE.


Once you have accessed the SETA application, you will be asked several questions, and based on your response; you will be directed to either:

  • SEE Application and Verification (Initial Year 1); or
  • SEE Application and Verification Renewal (Years 2 and 3);
  • TTE Application and Verification (Initial Year 1); or
  • TTE Application and Verification Renewal (Years 2 and 3)


This new process must be applied for annually, and the Educator Licensing annual fee will apply.  Click the link below to access Educator Licensing’s website.  The online Educator Licensing application process is a time sensitive system.  Please be prepared to start your SETA application (14 calendar days to finish), including the uploaded and signed SEE or TTE forms.


You will need an eLicensing Educator Account.  Your account is your personal permanent lifetime account. All applications will be done through your one account.

  • Each educator is required to have his or her own account (no sharing).
  • Only one account per person is permitted
  • Do not create more than one account.
  • Any account violations will result in account closure.
  • You will have 21 calendar days to complete the application process.
  • Read the instructions on the eLicensing page.


Please noteThe SEE and TTE Application and Verification form must be completed, with all required signatures and uploaded into the SETA application. 


It is no longer necessary to mail the hard copy (paper) SEE/TTE/TEI applications.

Special Education Temporary Authorization (SETA) Quick Reference Guide - PDF 09/12/2012

Special Educator Eligibility (SEE) / Temporary Teacher Eligibility (TTE) - SED-276
(This application process is open from August 1st thru March 28th Annually)



Temporary Educational Interpreter (TEI) - SED-278
             (This application process is open from August 1st thru March 28th Annually)

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