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Temporary Educator Eligibility (TEE, formerly called SETA)

The Temporary Educator Eligibility Authorization (TEE, formerly called the SETA) is now available on the Educator Licensing Website.  The TEE is a renaming of what was called the Special Education Temporary Authorization.  This authorization is issued upon request from an administrative unit, facility school, or state operated program that is unable to employ an applicant who is appropriately endorsed in the area of assignment.  The director of special education must certify that, after reasonable effort to hire an acceptable, appropriately licensed and endorsed applicant, none was found. 

The checklist for this authorization may be found on the Educator Licensing website here:

There are four pathways in to the TEE Authorization:

  1. A currently licensed teacher in the state of Colorado wishing to add a special education teaching endorsement, either through the completion of an approved content exam or through the completion of a 24 credit hours in special education.  This includes Special Education Generalist, Early Childhood Special Education, Special Education Specialist:  Visually Impaired or Special Education Specialist:  Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  2. An applicant seeking a teaching or special services provider license who is currently enrolled in a traditional preparation program in an area of special education.  This person would not already hold a bachelor’s degree in special education or hold a Colorado teaching license in another area.
  3. A special services provider who has completed a program but is lacking either a content exam or the internship/practicum hours required by licensing rules;
  4. A special education director who is currently enrolled in an approved special education director program.

Additionally, the applicant must be employed by a school district, BOCES, facility school or state operated program to qualify.

Please note some minor changes:

  1. Applications will be received and processed on a rolling basis, no longer from July 1-June 30 each year.
  2. Applications will be available year-round with no cut-off dates.
  3. SLP-A’s who have not completed their program are no longer eligible to apply for the TEE.  Instead, districts may request an emergency authorization on the Educator Licensing website here: .

A Frequently Asked Questions document has been added to the Licensing page and may be accessed here:

  • TEE Authorizations require an $80 evaluation fee
  • There are no refunds, no charge backs, all sales are final through the eLicensing system, regardless of whether your Authorization is either approved or denied.

You will need an eLicensing Educator Account.  Your account is your personal permanent lifetime account.  All applications will be processed through your one eLicensing account.

  • Each educator is required to have his or her own account (no sharing)
  • Only one account per person is permitted
  • Do not create more than one account
  • Any account violations will result in account closure
  • You will have 14 calendar days to complete the application process
  • Read the guidelines on the eLicensing page that correspond to each licensing section

Emergency Education Interpreter Authorization (Formerly called Temporary Educational Interpreter (TEI))  

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